MedinyX has had a strong focus and knowledge in certain key industries which are driven under the assistance sectors. MedinyX furthermore specializes under certain business lines which make us a market leader in what we do. We offer & furnish Software, Hi-Tech Tablets, and Kiosk Solutions that add Profits and Revenues to the businesses. Our philosophy is to assist businesses whether, Small, Medium or large by providing them with a series of innovative and customized solutions that is driven and built around technology and services for them.

"We at MedinyX Believe in Exploring New Possibilities. By sticking to this value we are driven by commitment quality and service delivery while combining our expertise in the sectors we specifically operate and expertise ourselves upon."

Our solutions are based on the following pillars

In order to have these 3 main pillars come into play our solutions range from Online Sales solutions, Digitalization of your brand, Platforms for your operations with add on services behind the scenes to optimize your costs and key focus. MedinyX e-MPOWERING your business today for tomorrow

Our Expertise in Assistance Industry

Case Management System Software

A powerful platform of Case Management System with central database, storing each and every piece of information relevant to your cases and files. Fast and effortless document production is available via a single mouse click. Documents can be generated singly or in thousands, and can also be 'bundled' into paginated single packs. Proclaim provides a fully searchable, central document library and knowledge / precedent store. Incoming items can be scanned and stored digitally within the relevant case(s) / file(s).

Claims Management System Software

MedinyX Claims Management System Software module offers powerful features to improve the speed and efficiency of claims processing and settlements further enhancing customer service and satisfaction levels. MedinyX's claim management system software offers secure and controlled access to policy and claim information online 24/7.

Roadside Assistance Software

MedinyX Roadside Assistance Software is the ideal software for the management of the modern and professional roadside assistance or lockout Service Companies. The days of using pencil and paper for these industries is a thing of the past. Enterprise Roadside Assistance software is on the way out.

Subscriber Management

Subscriber Management Software is as important as any other Hardware equipment required to maintain Digital Network for any subscriber based organization, Subscriber Management System (SMS) is integral part of Digitalization and it works seamlessly. This will help them drive additional revenues, reduce operational costs and deepen relationship with subscribers.

Travel and Health Insurance Sales Software

A Comprehensive and Complete Travel Insurance Management System MedinyX is a market leader in empowering Insurers and brokers to set up in a very short time span a nationwide solution in order to implement Travel, Health, Motor and liability schemes. MedinyX also has its expertise in implementing Banca-assurance schemes interlinked with the multi-channel distribution. MedinyX and its experienced team's expertise goes beyond any software firm, as the AMA Group is directly involved in such operations at multiple levels around the globe, whereby our goal and strategy to work with you is to create the market edge. MedinyX platforms and we itself, achieve it by not only implementing just best industry standards but integrate Hi-Tech Solutions along the way!

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