A powerful platform for storing each and every piece of information that is relevant for your cases and files is the Case Management System with a central database. Faster and efficient document productivity is now possible with a single click using the case management system software. The records and documents can be produced separately or in thousands and can likewise be 'bundled' into paginated single packs. MedinyX CMS provides a complete capability for searches. Incoming items can be verified and placed digitally within the relevant case using the case management system.
A user-definable reporting suite in the case management software allows in-depth interrogation of any element of data contained with claim and case management system. Reports can even be scheduled to auto-run at set times / dates and be distributed to pre-defined contacts, all with no manual interventions required on case management software.

MedinyX Case management system is completely integrated and provides:
  • Activity alerts and color-coding for every element of the budget
  • Case management software provides all appropriate costs information 'at-a-glance' using a quick-view screen for management and fee acquirers.
  • Case management system helps with system reporting and evaluation across different budget categories on an individual as well as global basis.

Accounts / Finance

  • Payments, Deposit, Advance, e-Approvals

Preferred Providers

  • Preferred Providers
  • Pre Agreed pricing
  • Discount and Negotiation

Credit Control

  • Party Ledger
  • Days Interval Outstanding
  • Payment Settlement
  • Followups & Email reminder

Customer Relations Management

  • Ticket Handling
  • User Allocation
  • Ticket Timers


  • User Rights
  • Office & User Configuration
  • Currency & Country Configuration
  • Admin Eye & Email Rights

Operations / Case & Claim Handling

  • Case Auditing
  • GOP, eMail Approvals
  • Medical Reports, Evacuation Module
  • Fax Back, Complaint & Feedback

Invoicing/ Billing

  • Invoicing to Insurers
  • Invoicing Approval
  • Multiple Currency
  • Provider Billing

Case & Claims Management Platform

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Some of the Key Features are

  • Case notification and automotive response in minimum time to the client.
  • Verification of members.
  • Ability to remind the urgent and pending tasks on the group and individuals.
  • Full provider network database with integrated map service.
  • Handling of service requests.
  • Ability to store large number of data related to the case whether medical, financial or network related.
  • All communications - documents and logs stored directly on the related case.
  • Ability to share the files with individuals and groups at the same time.
  • Has real time currency exchange features.
  • Templates for all outgoing communications.
  • Allows files to transfer and share with different dept. for billing, networking and Auditing purpose.
  • Ability to share the Medical information with medical dept. and to avail their authorization and recommendation online on the critical medical cases.
  • Online authorization features.

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