Roadside Assistance Software is the ideal software to manage the requirements and workings of modern Roadside Assistance Companies and Service providers. Your customers expect swift action when they need it, and it's no secret, a happy customer is worth ten advertisements. So, to increase your overall productivity you need a software that caters to all your requirements and is easy to use by your employees as well as customers.
Roadside Assistance Software by MedinyX is the most comprehensive and multi-faceted software for your company, that can easily increase overall efficiency and guarantee satisfied customers. The software allows you to execute the most complicated of operations with ease, ensuring timely and high quality service to your customers. You can use this software to keep track of all the destinations where you have to provide services and track your customers as and when they require assistance.

Subscriber Management

Subscriber Management Software is as important as any other hardware equipment required to maintain digital network for any subscriber based organization. Subscriber Management System (SMS) is an integral part of the digitalization of the roadside assistance software and helps it to work seamlessly. This will help them drive additional revenues, reduce operational costs and deepen relationship with subscribers. Subscriber management is an integrated, powerful, comprehensive & versatile web based Management to manage subscribers, contracts, products/packages, distributors, billing, revenues, inventory and provisioning of products.

  • Membership enrollment
  • Lead Management
  • Membership Renewal
  • Premium Billing
  • Membership card printing
  • B2B & B2C Solutions

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is the complete system for managing today's efficient roadside assistance service companies. With MedinyX's Roadside Assistance Software solutions, the company will be able to manage their assets, as well as the expenditures, and all other features that come along with it. With MedinyX, get a wonderful software tool that can help you to easily keep and manage inventory of all the items, and the kind of support and services that they can provide to the customers when they require it.

  • Breakdown assistance
  • Personal Safety
  • Complex Road Service Operation
  • Call Taking & Dispatching
  • Minor roadside adjustments
  • Emergency Lockout Service

Hi-Tech Hardwares

The use of internet for anything to everything has led to the digitalization of almost everything that can be thought of- smart cities, smart homes, smart factories and so much more! All this has created a lot of buzz in the different industries, and the current evolution is making it all possible. Today information and communication technology like E-Call Button, Tracking & Tracing Device, Emergency Roadside Kit, GPS Vehicle Tracking, has let machines connect. Hi-tech Hardware enables vehicle to connect with the owners and drivers.

  • E-call button
  • M-PAD
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Tracking & Tracing Device
  • Emergency Roadside Kit

M-PAD For Roadside Assistance


Now increasing sales is easier than ever. The new MedinyX M-PAD features the integration of your business operations along with helping you in navigating maps, finding the nearest service providers, helping in audio-video calls, assisting you with the GPS tracker, and in case of an emergency, connecting you to the alarm centers.

  • Connect to alarm centers
  • GPS tracker
  • Show maps
  • Case updates
  • Audio video calls
  • Customer feedbacks

SOS Panic Button

"Introducing a revolutionary solution for cab providers" SOS Panic Button provides next generation taxi security which includes CCTV monitoring, taxi panic button as well as access to remotely immobilize your vehicle from any smartphone. The button is installed in a cab near the passenger's seat that can be pressed when the passenger feels threatened by the driver or in any other emergency.

  • Remote Vehicle Immobilization
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • 24 hr Emergency Response
  • Security Notification
  • Connect to Police/Emergency Number

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